Two organisations are licensed to admit applicants into the Register - the Security Institute and ASIS UK. The forms, charges and application process is common to both organisations, and the requirements for admittance are identical. We strongly recommend you read Application Guidance before applying.


All applications - made through either organisation- should be sent to 

There is a one-off application fee of £300 or you may have your application reviewed prior to application for £30. The annual registration fee is £75.

Chartered Security Professionals must be of undisputed integrity and have a strong understanding of general security principles and a high level of expertise. They must be operating at a strategic or senior operational level of security practice. Admittance to the Register demonstrates to clients, employers, peers and the public an ability to deliver quality results and a commitment to Continual Professional Development.


The application process needs to confirm your competence in five areas. The five competencies are:

  • Knowledge
  • Practice Skills
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Professional Commitment

 There are two pathways to registration.


Standard path. You must have:

  • Five years' operational security experience, including two at Chartered competence level.
  • A degree in a security-related discipline or a degree in any discipline plus an upper level security-related vocational qualification.

 Individual path. You must have:

  • Ten years' operational security experience, including five at Chartered competence level.
  • You will be asked to complete a 4,000 - 12,000 word portfolio demonstrating that you meet the defined competence requirements (This is not required with the initial application - the portfolio content will be advised once your application has been reviewed).

Both pathways require attendance at an interview in the UK, or with notice, in the UAE. Mentoring is available to support applicants throughout the process, especially when preparing for interview.


2017 RCSP Application Form
2017 RCSP Prior Conduct
2017 RCSP Payment Form & Checklist
Application Guidance
Competency Examples
Code of Conduct
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