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How To Use An Angle Grinder To Cut Metal?

In general, in any of the hardware store, the angle grinder will be the common feature. You have to choose perfect size for the suitable task levels. Basically it is a versatile one. It can able to easily handle accessories and wheels of different configurations. It includes a spindle washer, protective cover and a handle.

Procedure Use An Angle Grinder To Cut Metal:

Before you are going for cutting sheet metal with angle grinder, then you must consist of the exact accessories and the tools in an ultimate manner. Just prepare the metals for project mentioned below. Before you execute this process, you have to follow some instructions.

  • Combine the needed tools
  • Combine the safety tools
  • Prepare the grinder
  • Mark the cut
  • Start cutting the metal by turning on the machine
  • Carelessly don’t change the directions
  • Complete the cut

Cut Metal

Combine the needed tools:

  • Perfect power source
  • Angle grinder
  • Earmuffs
  • Long power cable
  • Metal material which are designed to make use of
  • Perfect metal disc
  • Work template or sample or a shop drawing
  • AC clamp for supporting and clamping the project metal

Combine the safety tools:

  • Safety boots
  • Eye goggles
  • Secure floor
  • Gloves
  • Tightly or overall fitting cloth

Prepare the grinder

Set the disc on the grinder and then insert the perfect metal by opening the spindle and then fastening the spindle nut. Thus the grinder will be prepared.

Mark the cut

In order to start cutting with angle grinder, you have to mark the cut by lying the metal on the clamp and then can set the disc to precede.

Angle Grinder

Start cutting the metal by turning on the machine

After marking the cut, then you have to start cutting the metal by turning on the machine very carefully. Use both the hands to securely hold the tool.

Carelessly don’t change the directions

You grinder direction may change, in case you are careless. Avoid this by moving you’re tool front and back along with the set line.

Complete the cut

Finally, you have to complete the cutting process via your metal sheet. However you will notice the edges of the cut will sharp. Insert 40 grit flapper to smoothen the sharp edges.

In case you are having doubt of how using an angle grinder to cut metal then you can check the above methods to have a clear idea.

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