The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and the Security Institute have developed a register for security professionals as a means of recognising and maintaining high standards and ongoing proficiency for individuals.

The Register is called the Register of Chartered Security Professionals with a member of the Register (the Registrant), known as a Chartered Security Professional, using CSyP as a post nominal.

Registrants have to comply with a Code of Conduct, a professional disciplinary code, and also complete continuous professional development each year.

Security means the protection, guarding or defence of persons, property (real and/or intellectual) or the Realm from threats posed by crime, terrorism, or business malpractice. It is the business of dealing with the risks presented by such threats and the creation of a response and/or defence to them. It will encompass everything that works towards the provision of protection, guarding or defence, including intelligence gathering, research and information technology.


Applications to the Register are handled by the Security Institute and ASIS UK.

Code of Conduct



"My overriding impression as an applicant is that the process is challenging but fair and robust.  Applications are dealt with efficiently and help is available  throughout.  Providing you satisfy the criterion, applicants have nothing to fear and I would encourage people to apply. 

 Establishing the CSyP was a great step for the security industry towards professionalism; now it is incumbent on workers in that industry to apply and be admitted to the register, and for employers to mandate CSyP as a requirement for senior security positions. 
I believe the hard work is worth it – I now have professional standing within my industry.  As a government employee in Abu Dhabi, accreditation is important (in fact an employment requirement).  I now sit equally alongside my peer group of chartered planners, architects and engineers.   I can now proudly and officially state that I am a chartered security professional. Not only does it feel good to say, it means something to others, something tangible that they can understand and appreciate." Stuart Williams



"The creation and recognition of the chartered security professional designation represents the realisation of the origional founders of the Security Institute, and owes tribute to the work put in by a number of different organisations in making this happen. The designation is an essential step if the profession of security is to take its place alongside other high-calibre disciplines in the public and private sectors. How could I not want to be a part of this?"  Bill Wyllie


"Having worked within the security profession for many years and successfully completed an MBA, achieving CSyP was the next stage in my career progression. It is also a recognition of my achievements within the security profession and my commitment to the ongoing development of a professionalised security industry which is recognised by the business community"  Emma Shaw